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Upcoming Events

17th October 2019 -

"Russian Revolution"

by Sean Lang who will describe the impact that the October Revolution had upon Cambridge town and gown.

Fulbourn Centre 7.30pm

21 November 2019 -

‘The Great Plague in Cambridge’

by Evelyn Lord. Tracing the arrival and progress of the Great Plague in Cambridge, this talk gives an account of the people and households affected by it.

Fulbourn Centre 7.30pm

12th December 2019 -

‘Old Time Christmas’

by Mike Hurst. The Society celebrates its annual party in style with nostalgia for Christmases past. Entry by Ticket only.

Fulbourn Centre 7.30pm

16th January 2020 -

‘Contested History’

by Martin Daunton who will discuss such questions as how should we now deal with uncomfortable events in the past like slavery? Should statues be removed or reinterpreted? Should we look for excluded voices to celebrate?

Fulbourn Centre 7.30pm


20st February 2020  -

‘The Remarkable Story of Heffers of Cambridge 1876-1999’

by Julia Bounford. Capturing the spirit of a past era of retail, publishing and printing, this talk portrays the character and style of Heffers, its people, the premises, outings, parties and the unexpected.

Fulbourn Centre 7.30pm

19th March 2020 -

‘Buried with their belts on, people and architecture at Cambridge Augustinian Priory’

by Craig Cessford. Recent excavations have provided a great deal of information on the lives and deaths of the people who lived in the Priory.

Fulbourn Centre 7.30pm

16th April 2020 -

Twentieth A.G.M. Preceded by Talk (t.b.c.)

Talks and events are open to the public. Non-members and guests entry £2.00 per person. Enquiries by email to info@fulbournhistory.org.uk

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Past Newsletters 

Newsletters are in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader To View Them

Newsletter 1 - June 1999

Newsletter 2 - November 1999

Lady Wilson and Fulbourn, with her poem about Fulbourn Manse

Newsletter 3 - February 2000

Newsletter 4 - June 2000

Memories of Fulbourn Post Office

Newsletter 5 - October 2000

Emigration from Fulbourn in the 19th Century./ 'The Christmas Hamper', poem by Lady Wilson

Newsletter 6 - Winter/Spring 2001

Fulbourn Windmill - brief note about a talk./ Archaeological work around the Nature Reserve./ Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary 1911 - Fulbourn celebrations.

Newsletter 7 - Summer 2001

Newsletter 8 - Autumn 2001

Seeking out Fulbourn's medieval ancestors - an archaeological dig in Fulbourn Nature Reserve.

Newsletter 9 - Winter/Spring 2002

Hands on Archaeology - notes by a novice./ History of Fulbourn School 1859-1972

Newsletter 10 - Summer 2002

Charity Customs./ Wright's Clock Land./ Church Taxes./ History of Fulbourn School 1859-1972

Newsletter 11 - Autumn 2002

The taking of Fulbourn Water./ 19th Century College servants born in Fulbourn./ Census - Fulbourn employment statistics./ Excavation update - Hall Orchard Moat, Fulbourn./ Walking into history - first steps./ Fulbourn Village - recollections

Newsletter 12 - Spring 2003

Caraway's Charity and the Boleyn family./ Fulbourn Village - recollections

Newsletter 13 - Summer 2003

History of Marshalls - talk by Terry Holloway (extended account). Fulbourn's World War I Hospital./ Fulbourn Village - recollections

Newsletter 14 - Winter 2003

Characters of Fulbourn./ Fulbourn Customs. The Fen Fire

Newsletter 15 - Spring 2004

World War II stories about Fulbourn through the eyes of the village. (see also issues 16 and 17)

Newsletter 16 - Autumn 2004

Now digger turns up a Roman pot (1965)/ Fulbourn cellar unearthed (1967)/ Memories of a ding dong battle (1979)/An Escort of P 38s (aircraft over E. Anglia in 1940's).

Newsletter 17 - Spring 2005

Loss of old elm tree.

Newsletter 18 - Summer 2005

Pictures of FVHS display - Fulbourn during the second World War. /Transcription by Pat White of the inventory taken following the death of a local shepherd (Nov. 1662).

Newsletter 19 - Autumn 2005

Fulbourn Village research project update/ Fulbourn Banner/ Account of excavations near the Fleam Dyke (April 1852).

Newsletter 20 - Spring 2006

Newsletter 21 - Summer 2006

Poem by K. Crane 'Gone but not forgotten'.

Newsletter 22 - Autumn 2006

Newsletter 23 - Winter 2006

Newsletter 24 - Summer 2007

Newsletter 25 - Spring 2007

Ringing of church bells.

Newsletter 26 - Spring 2008

Newsletter 27 - Summer 2008

Newsletter 28 - Autumn 2008

William Cole (b. 1714) and Fulbourn/ Fulbourn Almshouses.

Newsletter 29 - Spring 2009

Stonebridge Lane and its cottages (Part 1)

Newsletter 30 - Autumn 2009

Stonebridge Lane and its cottages (Part 2)/ Last will and testament of Agnes Frogge of Fulbourn 1559.

Newsletter 31 - Spring 2010

List of CDs with transcriptions of Censuses, Church Registers etc./ The street lamps of Fulbourn/ A very posh Fulbourn earth closet.

Newsletter 32 - Autumn 2010

War Ditches in the Twentieth Century by William Foot./ Fulbourn School 1859-1859 by Pippa White.

Newsletter 33 - Spring 2011

Looking back to the beginning./ Fulbourn Post Office 1844-2010

Newsletter 34 - Autumn 2011

Fulbourn and Farming (Part I)

Newsletter 35 - Spring 2012

Occupations in Fulbourn 1858-1875./ Fulbourn and Farming

(Part II)

Newsletter 36 - Autumn 2012

Archaeological Survey of Stackyard Court

Newsletter 37 - Spring 2013

The Fulbourn Life Wall./ The Tyrrell Family Visit./ Fulbourn and Farming part 3.

Newsletter 38 - Autumn 2013

The Fulbourn Life Wall./ The Tyrrell Family Visit./ Fulbourn and Farming part 3.

Newsletter 39 - Spring 2014

From St Vigors to Fulbourn Station - a short account of some of the houses in Church Lane and Station Road

Newsletter 40 - Autumn 2014

Fulborn and Farming Part IV / Fulbourn and the Onset of the First World War

Newsletter 41 - Spring 2015

Fulbourn during the First World War / Two Stone Birds

Newsletter 42 - Autumn 2015

Fulbourn Exemptions from Service 1914-1914 / Hidden Histories of Artefacts in our Collection

Newsletter 43 - Spring 2016

Ursula Lyons 1936 - 2016

Newsletter 44 - Autumn 2016

THE HOME FRONT 1914-1918: The Role of Fulbourn  women (and children) based on Reports from the Fulbourn Chronicles

Vol III.

Newsletter 45 - Spring 2017

Newsletter 46 - Autumn 2017

THE HOME FRONT 1914-1918: Exemptions from Service FULBOURN WINDMILL (Part I). Sail and Fantail Restoration Project 2013 - 2016

Newsletter 47 - Spring 2018

Anthony Goodall  1934 - 2018

Newsletter 48 - Autumn 2018

World War I Booklets; Hidden Treasures in our Archive Store; Casualties of the Great War

Newsletter 49 - Spring 2019

Fulbourn Remembers (The Great War); Archive Store Treasures

Newsletter 50 - Autumn 2019

The Poor in 19th Century Fulbourn (Part 1); Fulbourn Street Names 1952 - 2019; Hidden Histories of Artefacts held in our Archive Store